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Hi everyone! Welcome Sunster.

I'm back to work I so need a new job with normal hours. When I was working 12 hours during the day it wasnt too terribly bad but this nite time stuff gets harder & harder everytime I do it. It probably wouldnt be so bad if I stayed on nites but in the last 2 yrs of being at IBM they keep switching me no matter what my prevence is. I dont even know why they ask when they just put me where they want me. I have made it very known to my manager that I want to move to a different group. She said she would back me on trying to get on a different group I just need to keep my ear/eyes open & keep applying internally for new positions. The last time I spoke with her she said she had an idea for me but she needed to talk to the the next manager up from her. She didnt give me any details. All I know is I'm getting very tired of the BS in my department & no one listening to how to help fix some of the issues. They keep making things more difficult instead of listening to the more experienced people on how to work things (etc, etc) The good thing about me being back to work is I have been able to do better on my eating habits. I have 4 lbs to go before I am back to what I was before the surgery.

This weekend its suppose to cool off again & rain for 4 days straight. I plan on going & getting a new battery for the bike even if the weather is crappy. I need it anyway you look at it when the nice weather comes about again. We had a few nice days here & everyone got their bikes out. Gave me the itch to get mine too. Bad thing though with my schedule I wont be riding much cuz on my days off I sleep during the day. I dont like riding after it gets dark but that may change just so I can go for a ride once in awhile.
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