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I've been putting a great deal of thought into what we're teaching children when it comes to diet. I don't have kids, but I'm very close to my nephews. I've been working at losing weight and changing the way I eat for 9 months now. I know what killed my dad, and I know that in theory, I want my own children to grow up loving and craving veggies and fresh cooked food. Yet, I "treat" my nephews with pizza and sugary smoothies, and I've been known to sneak them treats even when they haven't eaten their healthy supper. I don't want them to have to start from scratch at 27 like I did, and I don't want them thinking that a plate of lean meat and veggies is diet food, but at the same time, I almost feel like they'll be missing out on something.

Of course they're not my children, their mother feeds them healthy meals, and I'm not sneaking them pizza every day. But it's been on my mind a lot since I started getting my weight under control. I'd like them to have a better handle on food and more knowledge and control than I had.

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