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Originally Posted by Munchy View Post
I guess I'm just surprised at how often people eat takeout/fast food. I grew up with that kind of food being occasional, not weekly!
Same here. I'm not saying that we never ordered pizza, maybe once a month or every other month.

I've noticed a majority of people in the office either eat frozen bricks or fast food. There are a few who, like me, bring their lunch and going out to eat is a rare treat.

The other day a co-worker was telling me about a recipe because I had commented that her lunch smelled really good. She ended with the comment "it's diet friendly." That part hacked me off, 1) she assumed I was on a diet because I was fixing an egg white omelet, but I'll probably still eat them when I get to goal (she was right, I am trying to lose weight, but still ) and 2) come on lady, I'm smart enough to know what healthy ingredients sound like despite being overweight *sheesh*. (I know, she didn't mean any harm)

Wow, guess I needed to get that off my chest, haha!

Anyway, I agree with the poster who said something to the effect of, actively trying to lose weight to me is a diet. When I'm done, I'm adapting to my new old one wasn't working out so well for me
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