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I can do it!
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S/C/G: 272/260/150

Height: 5'7 Age: 23


First name: Christiana

Geographical location: Newfoundland, but Memphis bound in 3+ months for school

Just turned 22 on April 27th

Marital Status:


Occupation:Art student, going to get my beauty license in august!


Hobbies/Interests: I'm an amateur illustrator with big dreams to become an animator, I love to cook thai food and indian food, I am really into fashion blogging, I love gaming, and basically an all-around nerd!

Height: pretty sure I'm 5'7, but I could be 5'8

Eye/Hair Color: dark brown eyes, I was a platinum blonde with verrry long roots showing about a week ago, then I dyed it to the ends the closest I could get to my natural hair color. I am a medium brunette.

Starting Date of Weightloss Journey: April 25th 2013

Starting Weight: 260 lbs

Present Weight: 260 lbs

Goal Weight: 150 lbs

Biggest hurdle to overcome in weightloss: Nothing big yet, but I will get there! A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Following any specific plan: I downloaded LoseIt! (a basic calorie counter, very similar to My Fitness Pal) and I will be doing a low-fat non-processed food diet, within my calorie budget. I will be hitting the gym for 30 min cardio and light weight training within my abilities, 5 days a week.

What is different this time in your weight loss efforts than in the past: I have decided to go through therapy and I am going to track my progress daily. I have lots of support, this time around I think I can make it. OA is very powerful for me and I believe I can make it with proper support and a good plan. So far, so good. I am drinking water with lemon and orange slices instead of sodas and processed juices.

Anything else you would like to share with us: Something I'd like to share about what I've come to understand (even though I haven't lost any major weight yet, and I've just started!) is that admitting you are unhealthy can be VERY difficult. But once you get to that realization (it took me 2 years to figure out that I had a problem with my relationship with food) don't freak out and don't think all hope is lost. You are now empowered to make changes in your life because you truly want to; not because other people force it upon you. No doctor or boyfriend/girlfriend or family member or close friend can make you lose weight/ see your problem. YOU are the only person that can make the change for yourself. But do look for support along the journey!! I'm glad to be apart of this community.
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