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My five year old knows about healthy choices, but that's mainly because I've always been a conscious eater and my ex husband is the exact opposite. Going between the two houses is, I'm sure, very confusing for her.

She had a little tantrum when I refused to buy some kind of boxed macaroni and cheese at the grocery store last week. I showed her the block of cheese and the pasta that I had in the cart, and kept it moving.

I purposely never use the words "on a diet" because that's not what I am. I simply make healthy choices and encourage the same from my family.

For the past month we have been going to double dance classes on Thursdays to get ready for her upcoming recital. What I've noticed is that many of the families go for fast food in that one hour break, and I have been packing dinners (I'm literally the only one!). The other moms even commented to me on the "healthy" foods that I pack.

This Thursday, they want to all chip in and order pizza. I am on the fence about it. I don't mind my daughter eating pizza once in a while (and we usually make it ourselves), but I'd rather save an ordered in pizza for a day when we can be home, eating pizza together as a special treat and/or lazy day for mommy. At the same time, I don't want her feeling left out.

I guess I'm just surprised at how often people eat takeout/fast food. I grew up with that kind of food being occasional, not weekly! My daughter and I have busy weekdays, but I still make sure to put plans into place so that we don't have to rely on too many packaged or restaurant foods. It saves our wallets and our health.

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