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Default Detox, detox, detox

First of all, good going on 59 pounds! That's fabulous!

Addiction is not simply a matter of craving. It produces key changes in the brain, especially in the reward, motivation and satiety centers. Substance abuse researchers say that the brain adaptions that result from regularly eating so-called hyperpalatable foods foods that layer salt, fat, and sweet flavors, proven to increase consumption are likely to be more difficult to change than those from cocaine or alcohol because they involve many more neural pathways. Almost 90 percent of the dopamine receptors in the reward center of the brain are activated in response to food cues.

This means that unless you work on amping up your dopamine system as well as kicking the highly processed food, you are working with a compromised ability to assert "will power," decision making and reasons (motivation) to keep on keeping on.

So reward yourself for not picking up the junk and go after a healthy lifestyle that will get your desire and your body working on the same wavelength. A program of foods high in dopamine- and serotonin-boosting chemicals, along with numerous brain-amping activities (from simple exercise to listening to music) can regrow those receptors and bring the confidence of fulfillment and health.

There is lots of low-cost help available to you, from 12-step programs to the latest research in the science of food addiction to exercise to free meditation classes in your area. Just believe and continue to reach out.
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