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Hi all.

Welcome Sunster! I'm from Wisconsin. Been on this forum, hit and miss for a couple of years. While doing good (as in behaving/dieting), I'm on a lot. So...that is my explanation of why I haven't checked in much!

I was thinking of you gals this weekend though. We got out to ride Friday night, Saturday morning, and most of the day today. I'm feeling comfortable riding on my own bike again. Today I had a turkey fly in front of me--everyone survived!

I have not been enjoying my new work/job. Training is sparse and inconsistent. I really like cut and dried answers to questions. This job is NOT like that! It is not black and white... more like dingy grey!

Vacation is over. It was wonderful! (the scale said I ate too good) So happy there was no cruise ship incidents! Worst thing that happened was someone stealing my new HD backpack with my sunscreen and swimsuit cover-up. I checked 3 times at lost and found... I had my eye out for anyone with my orange backpack!

I too got a kick out of you Holly...waiting it out in the driveway on your bike for help! That sucked, but you sure tell a funny story! Hope your headcold is gone by now.

Reda, I'd love to see pictures of your bike! I'm not sure I'm going to ride to work just yet. Kind of chilly in the mornings. Been in the 30's for temps.

Tammy, glad you enjoyed your trip to FL. Good luck with the finance plans! Easier said than done!

Dawn, hope things get back t normal for you! Feeling okay now?

Sunster, that is awesome for you to have gone on those long rides alone. Yes, it would be nice to look a little better on the bikes! Sounds like you are doing great!

Aaron, you out there? Busy?

Take care to all. Ride safe!

to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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