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Originally Posted by Vex View Post
I wonder ...and it's just wondering, if women joining the work force more and more through the last few decades also contributed?

When I think about my childhood, my mother was home most of the time and cooked home cooked meals every day. Staple meals like a meat, vege, an starch.

Is it possible that as we sent more women out into the workforce, those dinners have really ceased to exist anymore? Now, it's take out a couple nights a week or more. If it is cooked at home, rarely is it from scratch.

I'm not bashing on women working in any way, in fact, I'm a career woman, myself. I just wonder if this could be a contributor to our woes in the U.S.
I have often wondered this same thing Vex. Although I work and am in school myself, I wonder if a 2-working-parent household is really the best idea for my kiddos. My mom was very busy with work and rarely cooked, but she says my g-ma cooked 3 meals a day , every day, at the exact same times. Coincidentally (or not?) my mom and her siblings were thin, myself and 2 of my 3 sisters struggle with being bigger. It certainly seems like it has contributed to an increase in convenience foods.
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