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WELCOME SUNSTER!!!!! And, I love the name of your bike! Lol. Great job on weighing with your boots on and still weighing less!! That is awesome!!

I ride a 2010 RK, I caller her Road Queen. Lol. I wanted the tag to say Rd Queen but my DH was afraid he would have to ride her. Instead, she has diamond ice everywhere. I want men to know they have been passed by a girl.

Sorry for being MIA for awhile... I went to FL again... took the drug test for the job that they re offered.... but I bombed on the house.... so I guess we are going to stay in AR..... for a few more years. We are going to do the Dave Ramsey program and pay everything off.

I LOOOOOVEED drinking my coffee on the beach. But, all good things must come to an end.

Holly, Reda, I am so glad you are getting your bikes out. I might start riding mine to work tomorrow..... I want to get back into that, like I used to.

My weight is crawling up..... but I am going to nip it in the bud... I WONT be at goal by my 40th bday.... but I will be a work in progress. I guess it is just life?

Hi Dawn, Colleen, and Aaron.

Holly, I am sorry to laugh at your mishaps..... but the bike in the mud was pretty funny... but I know if anyone can overcome it you can.
Have you started the summer job yet or are you still getting the shaft by the manager? I hope it works out.... cause you deserve that job that you like.
Maybe you should start an internet baking business?? You are sooo good at it and you have EXCELLENT customer service! You would rock it.

Reda, how is Carly? I bet she is getting soooo big.

Well, I have things to do since I have been in FL for the past few days.

Will gab more later.

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