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Exclamation Flora Challenge

Weight 125, lost 2.4! News. Flash.

It is time for a spring challenge and a helper comes to mind that Am2 hath invoked.

In some traditions, Flora, Queen of the May, symbolically does battle for dominance each year with the Queen of Winter. Flora always loses but comes back next year so it is all good.

Celebrated in various ways around the first of May, this epic involves a metamorphosis for the queen from flowery youth to wise & powerful mother crone and such a complex transformation is beyond the scope of this fun HEALTHY WEIGHT MAINTENANCE & LIFESTYLE CHALLENGE Am2 hath pledged her amazing 125-pound self to. (Sorry for the self-congratulation, pretty happy with my weight management self right now lol. )

Having been beset with a cycle of sadness & angst & stress & joy & excitement of diverse life & weight management & fitness kinds for a long, long time, Am2 hath reached a former goal that is now the center of her weight maintenance range of 120-129 glorious pounds.

She is now firmly in the 120s & has been for 22 days. She likes the territory and intends to reign here henceforth.

So for fun she has invoked the FLORA CHALLENGE, in honor of the aforementioned questing and metamorphosing Queen Flora. This runs from April 28 to May 26 & has ONLY ONE RULE: Maintain in the 120s and TRY BUT NOT BE REQUIRED TO reach the low point of that maintenance range: 120!

A sub goal is to spend that time taking care of herself, working, resting, eating, fighting the good fight (whatever good fights have to be fought) and remain healthy, happy, strong & brave and NEVER give up on being herself, proud of who she really is, royal to the core & the true queen of her happy, healthy life.

Merry. Meet. THAT. Happy. Spring.

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