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Eating healthy (whatever that's supposed to mean) is just as much a diet, no more or less than any other way of eating. There are many ways and reasons to make a conscious choice to eat a specific way, and each and every one can be considere "a diet." Weight control (whether it be for weight loss, weight management, or weight gain) is just one (or three to be technical) of those reasons. Also, there really is no "just eating healthy, " because there is no one way of eating (that is diet) that will meet the health needs of every person. Some diet changes are intended to be temporary and some are intended to be permanent, but regardless, it's often more expedient to describe changes as being "on a diet" rather than trying to explain how, why, and for how long the changes are intended to be implemented.

Personally, I think it's high time that more people, not just those who are overweight, care about how they eat. Calling it a diet doesn't make it bad or good, and neither does calling it something else.
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