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Originally Posted by Sum38 View Post
I think that stuff is poison! And even most gum have Sucrose.
Sucrose is regular white sugar.

Sucralose is a modified form of sucrose so the body doesn't absorb it. Sucralose isn't often in sugar free gum. It's usually aspartame and maltitol. The sugar alcohols (maltitol and sorbitol) are notorious for causing diarrhea if over consumed. Perhaps this is what you're thinking of?

Anyway, I love diet soda. Drink it all the time (1 a day or 1 every 2 days). No ill effects and it really helps me stay on track! Like others have said, it makes me feel full (if gassy!), and it hits that sweet craving spot without the nasty effects of regular sugar.

My favourite is Vanilla Coke Zero which isn't sold in Canada so I have to go to the States for it. Yum yum!
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