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Originally Posted by Kandis Apples View Post
I was a huge Diet Coke drinker - like 4 - 6 cans a day. I was told by my coach to stop immediately. Cold turkey. So that is what I did (this is my first week of IP). Oh how I miss it! I think that I am hungrier without it. Could my coach be wrong?
is it mostly bad for you? yes. Does that mean you should stop it cold turkey? In my opinion no. But that's just my personal opinion. I believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying it. So as long as your healthy (blood test-over all health-main diet-etc.) in my opinion there's nothing wrong with tossing in a little of stuff like that. Again this is all just my personal opinion. Just a little in your diet will not hurt you.

Going back to my old weight.

= 5 pounds

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