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Burgundy- i want to go to comicon so bad!!! Im soooo jealous!!!!

Lindy- i wish we were all closer so we could plan a get together!! I think it would be super fun!!! I wish i could see a bigger whoosh....but ill take every little bit i can get! I would love to seebthe 160's i have been so close for a while!!! And congrats on 180!!!!!!!

Dance- belly dancing sounds so fun. I bet it hurns a ton of calories too!!!!!!

Nothing major has happened lately. I was just driving along yesterday in the middle of no where trying to find a patients house (with their directions.....) and im from the country.... I grew up on a 400 acre farm. Cattle horses crops the whole 9 yards..... Any way im driving and from a distance i see this big black object with a swollen belly lying on its side...... I start to panic oh no! Someone has a pregnant cow down. I need to find the nearest house and tell them so they can go help her and not lose a cow and calf! I keep driving and get closer.....nope...... Just a dang statue on its side!!! Lol but hey nothing embarrassing so ill take it!!!! Lol
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