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Originally Posted by geoblewis View Post
Also read somewhere that it's not enought to just take the D. Also need to get into the sun for 15 minutes to make it work. I thought all I needed was to get direct sunlight, but with such a low level of D, I need both?
I am not sure but I think it is possible that you need it from the sun in some small amount. However, it is really NOT true that 15 minutes in the sun will give you what you need. There is a ton of other factors that can really reduce how much Vitamin D you produce. There is a pollution map I saw once and it showed clearly that even on a bright sunny day in the middle of summer you can have too much pollution to get enough of the UVB rays in 15 minutes. Also, in some parts of the US you basically cannot get the correct rays any other time but from 11 AM to 2 PM from May until September.

That said, I had an interesting thing happen this year. It was the only year I did not get my Thanksgiving trip to Florida (were I usually got at least a slight burn) and I have been paying for it all winter long. Even though I take a supplement -- it just didn't work properly with a long period without sun. I live in the northeast so that is October to April with no sun. My levels were low and I had three colds in three months.

I have heard that you can get the UVB rays that produce vitamin d from tanning salons. But I have not yet gone. So I presume that doing that one or two times during the winter could be enough to really help.

Well, the strongest I could get my hands on is 1000IU. I've been taking one, sometimes two, most days.
You should try Amazon. They definitely have more than 1000 IU.

But lets get the terminology down correctly. The 50,000 IU pill that doctors give out is Vitamin D2. D2 is a form that is not as easily accessible to the body. Your body takes that and makes D3. So.. you need much MORE of it to get D3. If you take D3 direct, your body can use that and so, you need much less.

So I believe the oft quoted like is that 10000 IU of D3 and UNDER has been shown to be safe. So when people say that 50000 IU is toxic, that CAN be toxic if it is D3. NOT D2 (or the prescription form).

As far as I know you can take up to 10000 IU of D3 without showing any toxic symptoms and frankly, again, it is not what you take --it is the level in your blood.
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