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Originally Posted by tommy View Post
Ummm.... rather than paying for the individualized packaging you can buy frozen in bulk and put a portion into MW safe container to add in or MW ahead and toss into a ziplock or other container and add in. Perhaps I am missing something?
Ummmm....Yes I think you are missing something. I have three kids, ages 7, 6, and 18 months. I work full time. I spend my weekdays getting the kids to school, getting into work, eating lunch at my desk, picking up the kids, spending the night doing homework, making and cleaning up after dinner, and fighting with the kids about bedtime. I spend my weekends doing laundry, going grocery shopping, and cleaning.

So yeah, I'm willing to pay for a bit of convenience here and there.

I have in fact done what you are suggesting, but as it turns out, I'd rather take that half hour and relax.

Did I post this in the wrong thread or something? I was excited about a food find, I shared. I didn't expect to be shamed over this.

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