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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
I completely agree! I think Rob's "hunger scale" is so much hooey, but I think all these people who write IE books think they have to include some type of hunger "rating" component, so they make a stab at it. I think people trying to practice IE would be better served to do exactly what IE is supposed to be about - listening to your body.

I had a somewhat strange experience today. Like most people, my hunger signals come and go, even when I know I'm pretty hungry. For a myriad of reasons I ate very little Monday and Tuesday; I don't calorie count, but I'm sure I was way under maintenance calories. But I wasn't really hungry, so I ate what I needed. Then last night I woke up in the middle of the night due to having a major Niaspan flush (Niaspan is a prescription med I take for cholesterol which is timed-released niacin) so I got up and took a benadryl so I could go back to sleep. I noticed I was relatively hungry but didn't want to eat - for some reason I have an aversion to eating in the middle of the night even if I'm hungry - so I went back to sleep in about 30 minutes. Got up this morning and went about my normal routine, which doesn't include breakfast, but I never noticed being hungry. I'm heading to the YMCA to do some walking, and suddenly a wave of hunger such as I haven't experienced in a very long time came washing over me. It was so intense, and it hit me just as I have described - like a tidal wave!

It was the kind of hunger that says "Feed me - and now!!!" So I did. I went and got a big hearty breakfast and enjoyed every bite. I ate almost everything on my plate, but I did leave a few hash browns because I was full - or at least I thought I was. I then went and walked, and after that I went to the grocery store.

Normally if I eat a breakfast as big as the one I had this morning - esp. if I eat it as late as I did (around 10:30 am) I won't eat for the rest of the day. But I can already tell that I will need something else to eat. I'm not hungry, but I'm not really full either. I wouldn't even call myself satiated at this point, but the way I feel is so rare I'm not sure how to describe it. It's almost as if I'm on the edge of hungry, peering over into the abyss, but I haven't fallen in yet. Weird.

So I'm using this as a real learning opportunity to listen to my body. Apparently I just didn't feed it enough in the previous 48 hours before today, and it's trying desperately to catch up. I'm beginning to understand how our bodies do indeed regulate themselves. Fascinating, actually.

And to bring this back to Freelancemomma's original point - the hunger/fullness component. If I'd had to "rate" how I felt this morning it was absolutely off the chart hunger. On a scale of 1-10 I'd rate it about a 15! Yet it did not come on to me gradually; it hit me upside the head. There's no way to define or measure that kind of hunger. And it was completely different from what I would consider "normal" hunger - that is, normal for ME.

Who's to say that some people don't feel any type of hunger at all until it is as intense as I had this morning? How are you going to rate that on a scale? Cannot be done, IMO.
Interesting observations. I also tend to not eat in the night if I wake up hungry and I too have intense hunger creep up on me suddenly.
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