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Originally Posted by surfergirl2 View Post
I am pretty excited that i have stopped weighing for the first time in my life. I think it was affecting me more than i cared to admit. If my weight was up one morning, it would sometimes make me feel like i was too fat to exercise (since extra weight DOES make things like running, pullups, etc. harder) occasionally i'd just crawl back into bed or, worse, go straight to breakfast without my normal morning exercise. I believe in listening to your body not only with regard to food, but also exercise. So, while it's ok to occasionally skip my workout because i'm tired, it's NOT ok to skip it because of a number on the scale!
Delighted for you.

If you can, now that you've taken this step, try not to ever go back on the scales again. I know that for me, going on the scales will affect me so badly if I see a gain that I will start binging for the next 2 days not caring anymore.
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