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Hey everybody!! Its been super crazy at work this week.....ive barely had.time to.make it to the trainer!!! Anywayi did really good on food this weekend amd week so far!!!! Monday morning my scales said 175 and a few minutes ago.....171.8 so i am almost to my.lowest weight. Jason was.concerned because i have done so well and why the scales havent moved. But he thought and asked me is it getting close to "that time" i was.confused at first and then was like ooooooo..... Yes and he shoot im not worried about it then..... Ive trained enough women to know that you will hold approx. 3 pounds of water weight!!!!! Holy cow!!!! 3 pounds?????

Funny story for the day.....because of the trainer mentioning that we can hold so much water weight.....i got the bright idea. ..... I will just get rid of it........ So i took an otc water pill. OMG....bad idea- up all night peeing and all day today having to make pit stops!!!! And as embarrassing as it was......i was doing jumping.jacks at the gym today and ended up dribbeling in myself!!!! Thank God for always or it would have been really embarrassing!!!!!! Lol so word to the wise...... Just let the water come off.naturally!!!!! Lol

And Lindy- i going to scan and send those workouts but were spent the weekend at my familys house 2 house 2 hours.away! But there are 39 days so far worth of workouts.... So maybe those will get you by until yoi hire yours. Believe me i know how expensive they are......thank goodness the hubby is finally on board with it and we have been able to come up with the money every month.
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