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Had to stop in with an update on this batch of yogurt. As I mentioned, I like thicker yogurt, but hate strainind. Another happy surprise with this batch is that the whey seperates much more dramatically than in most previous batches/recipes. Every morning there's been a thick layer of whey on top (often there's barely a tablespoon or two). I spoon or pour off the whey - making the yogurt thicker and thicker each day.

Refrigeration doesn't stop the yogurt from culturing, it just slows it down, which means the longer you store the yogurt, the more sour it becomes. This batch is souring slower (probably because of the almond milk which doesn't culture as well as dairy milk). I did read that non-dairy yogurt will not work as a starter, the bacteria don't grow well enough. Since this is a hybrid yogurt, I don't know if it would work or not. To be safe I won't use it as starter.
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