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Veggiedaze I am sorry I meant I am NOT haunted by any kinds of food anymore. I ate way less than I usually would because I know I can have it any time I want now.

I copied the link to the book I read in my posting, it is called THIN and has a cupcake on the cover.

U are right - losing the weight is important for me. I am obese (200 lbs) and would love to be a mom in like two years. The thought of not only getting bigger but also being a diet maniac, unhappy and not physically fit mom frightens me. After trying any diet out there for the last 5 years and constantly losing the same 20lbs plus gaining a few more when going off the diet I want to make a change.

I binged all my life so maybe intuitive eating isn't the correct phrase for me, because my intuition tells me to restrict or binge. I guess I am trying to find a healthy way of life and not jumping from diet plan to diet plan.

I just want to know how people like me should approach this? Do u have any suggestions? Last time I tried this without counting my calories or weighing myself I gained 15lbs that I still carry around. Feeling so uncomfortable makes me want to turn to diets that again get me to lose weight for like five minutes.

I feel I have a hard time weighing myself. It makes and breaks my day. I justify bingeing when I am losing and I binge when I am not losing because It doesn't work. So I decided now to not weigh. At the same time I am so scared to get even bigger and more unhealthy that checking my calories at night calms me down and ensures me that I am not eating too much and that I should be able to trust myself. At the same time I know this isn't what IE is about.

I guess I am wondering what - as a person that was always overweight, overate, restricted and binged - I should do...i am so confused right now.
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