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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
If you're up for a bit of TMI... I've been on and off an antidepressant for many years, not for depression but for anxiety (which is pretty much limited to concerns about my kids, but can get pretty acute). It's the only drug that works for me and it completely wipes out my sexual response. Whenever I go off there's a kind of rebound effect, so for the next couple of weeks I feel the need to have several (cough cough) orgasms per day, usually by my own hand. Interestingly enough, going off the drug has no effect on my hunger or interest in food.

wow, sure wish that was the kind of withdrawal I was having! For me it is lightheadedness, brain fog, nodding off at all times of the day, nausea, indigestion, and generally just feeling like I have the worst hangover of my life. I am past 72 hours now though so I can tell things are alot better. It seems weird that these symptoms would make me want to binge, but pretty much anything makes me want to binge for that zoning out effect. I will say though that on the medication my libido is also non existent. That seems like a common complaint with alot of anti-anxiety/antidepression meds.

I will try the one glass of wine thing although it would have to be half a glass as 1 glass for me actually equals 2 based on the size of the glasses I have .

Surfergirl - one more thing I forgot to say that is interesting to me about the minnesota experiment is that I am a replica of that experient. I had disordered eating all through my teens but never actually succeeded in losing any weight with it. I would skip breakfast and not bring a lunch to school and then overeat alot when I got home although it was never bingeing and my weight stayed the same (normal) much to my disdain (that part wasn't like the experiement). It wasn't until I was in college and lost 10-15 pounds very quickly through a very low calorie starvation diet that the bingeing very first started and i regained all the weight plus a couple pounds more. I remember feeling so confused about it and totally bewildered about what was happening. I didn't even know it was called bingeing. It was so disturbing to me and I remembered calling my mom and telling her that I didn't know what was going on but I just couldn't stop eating. What differs from me than the minnesota experiment though is that I never resumed normal eating after that. I was too scared. As soon as I would give up the control I would overeat and it would freak me out and I didn't think I could trust myself. I feared that I would just keep eating until I died. It's funny because that other thread that is going on right now about eating all day every day sounds like the same scenario I went through exactly. That was about when my obsession with health began because I just wanted to cure myself.

Also about what you said on the other thread that you are not bingeing but are eating about the same binge amount just spread out over the day. It is interesting to me because I am not really finding that. I am definitely overeating junk foods (although getting less and less), but the overall amount I am pretty sure is much less because my binges were so massive. I am not noticing that I am piling on the pounds or anything, just feeling bloated due to the higher level of carbs and salt I am ingesting from the new foods I am incorporating. I do believe still processed foods are addictive, but I think the effects were amplified for me due to restricting them completely. It seems weird with junk foods: too much makes you want more, and too little makes you want more. It's no wonder noone can really figure out this weight/food thing. There are so many pieces to the puzzle.

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