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Originally Posted by surfergirl2 View Post
Out of curiosity i just googled the Minnesota Starvation Experiment, where men were put on an extremely low calorie diet (1600 calories, when their maintenance was 3200) for 6 months. The results, after they were allowed to go back to eating in unlimited quantities, was that they binged until they gained back all their weight PLUS 10%. But then 9 months later, their weight had returned to their pre-experiment weight.

I think that study is illustrative. I do question, however, whether the findings would apply equally to overweight people. The people in the study were of a normal weight (normal in 1940...which is different than "normal" now)
yeah, It is really interesting this experiment and it would be nice to know if it would be the same with overweight people at the beginning. I do remember reading an article (i wish i knew what article) that said alot of the past contestants from the biggest loser gained their weight back plus more and became more eating disordered than they started with. I think the subject of weight is so complicated and it's so hard to say if there is one thing that will apply to everyone. I don't know what is the best thing for someone who has never been a normal eater or a normal weight. I have heard of studies that show that overweight people differ in hormone levels but it is always a chicken and egg question. Did the wacky hormones cause the weight gain or did the weight gain cause the wacky hormones. Noone really knows the answer to the questions regarding weight and experts are so divided. It's really a tough thing.

I am doing well with the no dieting thing, but there are many things I miss like being in "total control" during restriction and feeling almost better than other less disciplined people (I know that is ridiculous to think that but I can't help it), and I miss the high and escape of the binge. The longer I go without bingeing the more I forget how awful I feel about myself and how sick I feel only after about 10 bites into a binge. Now, I don't have that awful sick feeling and feeling like I will forever be controlled by food, but I feel generally not as good overall because by incorporating some "junk foods" sometimes I do tend to overdue it (it's really weird to overeat now because before it has just been perfection or binge; there was never an in between such as overeating), and I just never feel "in control". I just feel a little down about this because I want to "have my cake and eat it too". I want to not binge but be fully in control and it just seems like a paradox that will never be possible. Maybe though if I can establish a better relationship with food and get used to not bingeing and then at some point I can try to impose some kind of control to fulfill that emptiness I have, without heading back into the destructive bingeing routine. It may not be possible, who knows. It's tough for me to accept I will have to eat things like junk food more regularly to be normal. Just like someone with weight issues doesn't really want to accept being at a higher weight than they want. It all comes down to taking the good with the bad, and what your priorities are. I have to keep remembering my priority now is getting better with my eating disorder and that not restricting is part of the recovery process.
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