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Hey girls!

So I totally forgot to check in on Friday. I was glued to the tv about the happenings in Boston and had to finish my final essay this weekend so it slipped my mind. I also forgot to hop on the scale. Grrrrr. I had a HORRIBLE weekend of eating. We were cleaning out the garage and working on the yard both Saturday and Sunday so I was starving. We ate out breakfast, lunch and dinner in the form of fast food so I dont dare step on the scale today. I am off on Friday but will hop on Thursday and update my ticker (whether I like it or not, lol)

Nessa - 10 inches! Way to go girly! I was talking to the DBF about getting a personal trainer but he told me it wasnt in budget. :-( I will just keep pushing along. I have decided that for every 5 pounds I lose, I am putting $10 into a money jar. That way when I plateau (as I get closer to my goal), I can reward myself with a trainer to push through it. :-)

Dance - sorry you had a case of the blues. Hopefully when you see your guy this week, that will change things. Even better if he goes crazy over your hair. :-D

Burgundy - woot woot, keep that ticker moving girl. You and I are so close to each other, we will keep each other motivated.

Ok, I have a TON of stuff I have to do today and I am SOOOO distracted. I have to catch up. I will check in tomorrow.

Later girls!
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