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Hi there,

I just read this book and think that after trying SBD, WW and other stuff, I might give Intuitive Eating another chance.

I have stopped dieting for the last 4 days and was amazed how I am haunted by junk food. I have a pint of B&J at home and had one scoop this week instead of 4 pints (my usual "binge"). Havenīt binged since then either.

All these intuitive eating books havenīt worked for me in the past, but this one is different in a way. I am excited about what is to come.

Another question: What are your takes on counting calories and weighing yourself? Over the last few days I have loosely and just to make sure I donīt fool myself into overeating checked the calories I ate before going to bed (so no tracking all day long, just double checking where I am "intuitively"). I was amazed that I stayed between 1200 and 2000 depending on what my food options were and how hungry I was.

I am currently not weighing myself since I always eat "strategically" to see a loss in the morning, i.e. skipping dinner, eating a lot because "I blew it anyway" etc. I am just scared to gain weight without knowing, but I feel so calm right now without having to check my weight. Still - I want to lose weight.
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