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hi all - still going well with not restricing. went out to lunch yesterday with a friend and had a sandwhich and yes there was real bread involved . I think I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Also, I decided a couple days ago to go off anti-depression medication I have been taking. Honestly, it doesn't improve my depression at all and I have just continued taking it to avoid the awful withdrawal symptoms it causes. It is the same symptoms as someone quitting smoking. I am in the worst of it now and every other time I've gone off it or attempted to go off it my bingeing was super bad during the withdrawal. This time I definitely feel super gross like always, but I am not turning to food. It's like when you're not restricting food it doesn't seem like such a good solution to stress anymore. it just seems pointless. so that is good, but I am super bloated and out of it with a foggy mind due to the withdrawal. I am about to take my dog for a walk (maybe two) to help with the symptoms and speed up getting this drug out of my system. And then I'll make sure I have whatever i so desire for dinner . Thanks everyone again. And I still feel it is good for me to avoid the alcohol. I really don't want anything messing with my mind which is why i want to get off this medication. I think it may disrupt proper hunger signals etc. Not saying at all people should get off their meds if it helps them. Mine don't and my doctor also believes I should stop since it is not helping me in anyway and she only continues to prescribe it to me because she knows I am not ready for the withdrawal.
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