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Huzzah to MOI! Yay, hurray, and though I am in a hurry, I must SAY! I did gain a pound but that's OK as TODAY for the second week I am within my GOAL ZONE, the range of weight I intend to stay at forever 'cause t'is SO nice here, the HAPPY 120s, not too thin, not too large, just right for ME! Whee! My chosen weight maintenance level is a range from 120-129, no more angst 'cause I AM HERE!

Very happy to see this, actually, as returned (temporarily) to a previous job contract and had not actually been working at all for a while and was really worried the schedule changes and the angst of it all would derail me from the 120s and render last week's larger-than-usual drop null & void and put me back into a weight decade that was fine (130s) but that I was no longer wanting to be in!

So congratulations to me, Queen/Empress/CEO Am2! Happy Weigh-In Day to Moi!

And I do need to work and stay off the internet following the victory brunch!

I am in the GOAL ZONE now!

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