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Originally Posted by amandie View Post
I do make smoothies/shakes out of whole vegetables and fruits along with some yogurt and some water (or applesauce) for thinning out. I have not had any problems blending with carrots, spinach, pumpkin puree (usually the only veggies I tend to put in my shakes/smoothies), frozen bananas/strawberries/blueberries/mangoes/pears, chopped/sliced apples, whole kiwis (with the ends sliced off and the skin shaved, not peeled for more fiber. I think it is okay as long as there is plenty of fluid to balance out, you know? I even use a $15 dollar cheapie single serving blender for the above with no problems.

I cannot think of anything that would not work in a blender but again I don't really branch out much in terms of exotic fruit like pomegrantes or things like that, lol.
What brand blender do you have ?
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