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Just another link I found interesting with 20 tips to stop binge eating. One is to quit dieting. One is to embrace intuitive eating. One talks about mindful eating and southernmaven has touched on that but I think it is really huge. When I was eating the donuts as mentioned before, when I first started it was kind of in a frenzy, but then I focussed on really savouring it and thinking about the taste and eating it slowly. It was suddenly so much more satisfying.

Also, one of the tips says to eat by the clock at first if intuitive eating is hard to embrace. Bingefree suggested this too. So I would agree this is a good place to start for someone like surfergirl who really isn't getting those physical hunger/full signals. Probably a little structure in the beginning can get those signals flowing again. the shiv had it right on I think when she said intuitive eating might not be something you can immediately jump into the way you can with calorie counting.

Wannabeskinny - about what you said about having to face hunger in which freelance agreed, I think this brings back the point to me that by giving up dieting/retrictions, hunger doesn't seem like a negative thing anymore. By not being restrictive, I really don't mind being hungry and the panic of "When can I eat freakout" just isn't there anymore. I am definitely experiencing this and bingefree and southernmaven talked about this same feeling. It's really wonderful when hunger actually feels good and not bad.

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