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Originally Posted by SouthernMaven View Post
But for me to even CONSIDER driving yet another 45 minutes to another location without stopping to eat - even though by that time I was pretty hungry - would have been unthinkable in the past. I would have been obsessing over where to eat, what to eat, how many calories, if it would satisfy me, what then would I eat for supper? and on, and on, and on. Yesterday it was "Humm, do I want to fight that traffic or not? Uh, no. I'll save that errand for another day." What and when I would eat was not in the forefront of my mind at all, because I knew that eventually I'd eat, and that when I did I would be able to eat as much as I wanted to satisfy my hunger. It's a huge mental shift.

If I were in your situation - and keep in mind, this is what I would do, not telling you what you should do - I'd pack a pretty substantial lunch, since I wouldn't know just how hungry I'd be at lunchtime. That way I would know I'd have enough to satisfy my hunger, regardless of its level. In the past, when I was restricting myself by dieting, it would be portioned out, as you have described yours as being. I also don't know what your lunch situation is - are you able to eat alone, are you with other teachers, or are you eating with your students? Each of these scenarios are going to impact how well you'll be able to practice mindful eating, and obviously eating alone is the ideal. Eating with other teachers isn't as good, but it can be done. Eating with your students would present the greatest challenge in this regard, but it can still be accomplished.
Southerenmaven - I am finding this about the hunger thing. I am really not fearing being hugry at all anymore. When I get hungry at work and it's not breaktime yet I don't feel all panicked like before because I know eventually I'll be eating and I can eat as much or whatever I want. Bingefree talked about this too. It really is true. All of a sudden hunger doesn't seem like a bad thing and you actually find it comforting because it means your body is working properly.

Also, it is really funny you say you would bring a really substantial lunch because you would not know how hungry you would be. That is EXACTLY what I have been doing the last 3 weeks. I am literally bringing tonnes and tonnes of food with me to work, way more than I could ever possibly eat because then I know I can eat as much as I want and also there are different options so I can choose whatever I feel like. Usually I go for the sames things (unless there are donuts ha ha), but somehow doing that makes me know there are no limitations and doesn't make me feel confined by any preset amount that may not satisfy. And the funny thing is I don't think I am actually eating more than before. It's just the freedom of it all that is amazing.

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