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Originally Posted by veggiedaze View Post
Surfergirl - I think it's awsome you are venturing into the non diet thing. I have to say though, I think you will give up maybe if you keep weighing yourself and counting calories. It means you are trying to hold onto the control,
When I first began this WOE, I literally decided in the middle of the day - in the middle of a meal, actually - that I'd had enough of this nonsense. So I wasn't really prepared to incorporate every aspect of intuitive eating right away, and I think most people aren't. Each person has to sort of "ease" into it.

So surfergirl, I do agree with veggiedaze, although I also understand and sympathize with your plight. You have to do things on your own time and your own schedule, but be aware that in order to really make peace with food (and ultimately that's what this is all about) you need to let go of the "tools of control." Calorie counting and the scale definitely fall into that category.
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