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Originally Posted by surfergirl2 View Post
I think the only time in my life where i ever lost weight and kept it (most of it) off for a long time (about 10 months), i was probably doing "intuitive eating." Really i was not doing anything at all...i was in between jobs, traveling the world. I effortlessly went from the low 160s to the low 140s in the first month or two of traveling. I did not have access to a scale and really i didn't know i was losing weight (i didn't know until i got home at the end of the trip). In fact, i specifically remember thinking at times, "oh no, i'm probably gaining weight" and having that panicked feeling. Yet, most of that time, i remained sane, ate in restaurants at mealtimes, didn't count calories (at least not to any degree of accuracy, although i probably tried to guess them), and lost weight. So i'm trying to evoke that time again. Which is to's ok to worry about weight gain a LITTLE bit, which i did--but just to not let it rule my life.
I've heard and read so many stories like this. When you give yourself complete freedom from dieting and restriction, regardless of the reason, it almost always follows that you will lose weight. I had this same experience when I went to worries about food, coupled with lots of walking, and the lbs just came off naturally.

As I've mentioned several times in previous posts, the most unrestricted time in my life was between the ages of 28-48. I'd had my first child, I was very thin and nursing (and busy!) and weight was no longer an issue. I never gave food a second thought. After my second child was born (at age 30) I was REALLY thin - underweight, actually. Every once in a very great while I'd think back on when I was obsessing about weight, and I'd wonder why my weight was no longer a problem. But then the thought would disappear as quickly as it came. When I began putting on a little menopausal weight, I panicked. That's when the dieting/restricting cycle began again, and it continued until I'd finally had enough.

Between the ages of 28-48 I was eating intuitively - I just didn't realize it. Because I went into that phase of my life being a normal weight, that gave me the freedom to no longer diet. And the absence of extra weight was a result of that decision. It's so very simple, yet I never realized it - even after I returned to diet h***.
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