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My D levels are low as well. I had been taking supplements for a few months, then got overwhelmed with all the vitamins I was taking, so I took a break. Three months later, I'm finding that I have huge cravings for fat and my weight is stuck, no matter what I do. I did some reading into the fat cravings and read somewhere that I might be experiencing them because I'm short on the fat-soluble vitamins, namely D, and my body thinks it's not getting enough fats.

Also read somewhere that it's not enought to just take the D. Also need to get into the sun for 15 minutes to make it work. I thought all I needed was to get direct sunlight, but with such a low level of D, I need both?

Hope all this information is accurate. Started taking my supplements again five days ago. Fat cravings stopped two days ago. Am really looking forward to the weight dropping!

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