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Originally Posted by 5Ropers View Post
This has to be the BEST discussion on any forum that I have ever read! I am not all the way through the posts but had to say BRAVO!

The whole "dieting ourselves fat" speaks loudly to me. Compulsive dieting has led me to be obsessed with food. I am eager to learn about IE and being finally being free from my food obsession. I have no idea how to let go of the diet mentality and feeling of failure.

Phenomenal thread!!!
Exactly--that's why I don't like the word "diet." It's kind of like telling a kid they can't have something--then they become obsessed with not being able to have it. Food falls into the same category. So I like the life-style change meaning permanent. I really don't believe it's what we eat--it's how much we eat or drink that is the problem. Portion control is the solution for me--with an adjustment toward healthier foods, fruits and vegi's for snacks--versus chips. And if I want a piece of cake occasionally--it's going to be 1/10 the size of what I used to eat.

I do a little self-hypnotism myself and it works for me. I take a sheet of paper write down all the ill effects of being overweight on one side--then the positive effects at being in my BMI on the other side. I put them on the refrigerator and memorize them. Then I continually say to myself--"I am a thin person"--"I do not "overeat". Eventually body will follow mind instead of the other way around. At any rate it works for me.

The key is you NEVER say to yourself "I am "trying" to lose weight" or "I am "trying" a diet. Convince your sub-conscience that you're already there--and it will start to agree with you and it won't send out these constant cravings which make you want to binge on something.

I also don't believe anyone can lose weight--without getting hungry. The stomach has swelled to accommodate the portion size to what a person is accustomed to eating--and it's going to growl for a while until it gets used to having less--and the stomach shrinks to accommodate the new portion size.

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