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Thank you, everyone!

Yes, the last 10-15p SUCK. Jillian is very tough but effective, I can't say enough good things about her except she's annoying so I had to mute the DVD and wear an ipod to keep me going. I started with 5p weights and then eventually went to 10p weights. I got bored with her after several months and started jogging to speed things up, now I want to go back to her to tighten up my arms/legs again since I lost some muscle definition from just doing lots of cardio since September.

FWIW, a lot of us here suffer with "bat wings" and I used to have very fatty upper arms (to the point I was uncomfortable wearing tank tops) and they have shrank a lot. Thank goodness because my upper arms really used to bother me, more than my spare tire. So there's hope!

I seriously never thought I'd see this day! Good luck everyone...KEEP GOING!!

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