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Originally Posted by mimsyborogoves View Post
As for me, definitely yes, the majority of it was my fault. Nobody held me down in a chair and shoveled food in my face to make me gain all the weight I did when I was a child. I know I had bad eating habits. I could easily polish off a whole anything that was junky and tasted good, and I would.
You do realize, though, that there are a lot of kids out there who wouldn't do that if you promised them a day at disneyland in exchange? My kids are skinny little guys who want to run around every chance they get. It's hard to be in the house with them bc they are just running. And they don't want to stop and eat. They eat like birds. When I was a child I ate like you're talking about. I don't blame myself for that any more than I blame myself for starting smoking when I was 10. Where were the freaking adults? How could it be that my mother didn't know I was smoking in my bedroom (she didn't smoke) and didn't do anything about it? Does it really make any sense to say it was my "fault"? Same with the overeating, imo.

I don't think it makes any sense to assign blame at all, whether it's to the fat person or the parents or the doctors or the stupid food pyramid inventor. I personally do not think I am to blame and I don't think any fat person is to blame, any more than say, someone who has MS is to blame for their MS.

And the only reason this matters one iota is that without the blame/fault component, it doesn't make any sense to think it is okay to discriminate against and be prejudiced against fat people. As long as it is our fault, it is okay to yell dehumanizing crap out your car window to fat women walking down the street and to charge fat people more for their health insurance and to treat your partner badly because they are fat.

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