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I pretty much agree with punkrocksong.

Why I think I'm obese:
- genetics
- honestly, because i wanted to be big to avoid male attention
- i binge eat
- it's my drug of choice

Why I think society as a whole is overweight/obese:
- fast food is designed to addict us. french fries are made so salty that we want to have a huge coke with it.
- we don't do as much activity anymore because we don't need to do much to get our food.
- we are all coping and struggling to cope with all the stress we have now days

I hate people it when people are discriminatory to fat people though. When they judge them. I think it's awful. People can be really nasty and say things like "all fat should go die" or "fatties should be sent to holocaust camps" and other stupid stuff like that.

nice question!
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