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I'd say a big whopping YES that my obesity was my own fault and to be honest, I didn't really give a care. I had some life issues and I felt better having plenty to eat and then plenty of drinks. Obviously eating was the easier part to do as I could do it all day long, the drinks had to wait for the appropriate time (after work, on the weekend, etc.). I never drank to excess in alcohol but the calories were a killer I soon found out!

I knew I was getting bigger, I knew eating a diet of Chinese food takeout, pizza takeout, anything takeout was not healthy for me. But seriously, I didn't care. Looking back that really scares me, how much I really didn't give a flying leap. I was literally killing myself with food.

I have read a lot of books in the last few months about what the food industry does to make food more enticing with chemicals, etc. and it makes me sick. But I can't blame THEM for my weightgain. Like someone said above, I wasn't forcefed anything. I freely ran to the store and filled up my carriage with the junk and stuffed it down my throat as much as I could.

I hope to never ever live like that again. But if I do, it's my choice again to go back and it will be my own fault. So sad the years I wasted on food.
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