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I think it's a question that has both a yes and a no answer.

As for me, definitely yes, the majority of it was my fault. Nobody held me down in a chair and shoveled food in my face to make me gain all the weight I did when I was a child. I know I had bad eating habits. I could easily polish off a whole anything that was junky and tasted good, and I would. I know no one forced me to drive to all the fast food restaurants in town and eat whatever I ordered in my car cause I didn't want to wait til I got home to eat it. No one forced me to get 2-3-4 plates of food at a buffet. Those were all me, my choices, and no one made me do it. That wasn't anyone's fault but mine. As a child, maybe it was my parents' fault for not teaching me healthy eating habits early on, and maybe it was their fault for not stopping the little problem before it became a real problem. But once I grew up and had control over my own thoughts? I knew eating so much was bad for me, and I knew that if I stopped eating so much I would lose weight, but it was up to me to make the choice to stop those habits and no one else.

But as a general rule for all people? It's a yes or no question and depends on the person. Maybe you have a medical/mental issue that causes you to eat more than you would if you didn't have that issue, and no, that's not your fault. But if you're aware of this issue and you don't do anything to fix it, despite knowing you can and how to fix it, and you continue on with the behaviors anyway? I don't really see how that's not your fault unless you have some other issue that causes you to prevent the main one from being fixed, like financial problems.

There's all kinds of whys, hows, and what-fors for what caused us to be overweight/obese. The bottom line is we ate more than was necessary for our bodies and we didn't do anything to keep that from happening. Whether that was due to sheer ignorance, a medical issue, or apathy depends on the person, and it's really kind of an ambiguous thing to think about in terms of who's "fault" it is.
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