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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
Question for people participating in this thread: Some of you recommend eating when hungry and stopping when full, but what is full? I enjoy the feeling of being nice and full (just short of uncomfortable). If I stop eating when I've JUST reached the "not hungry" stage, it never feels like enough. Any way to deal with this?

Freelance - For me it actually changes depending on what time of day it is and what I am doing. For breakfast I like to be quite full (but not uncomfortable) so I know I can get through my busy mornings without getting hungry again. On my work days there is 5 hours from when I eat breakfast until when I can eat again. I work in a place where there is absolutely no food allowed except at break times (I work in a lab with dangerous chemicals therefore this is strictly enforced). Then at my break times at work I don't really like to feel full at all because I have to do so much running around at work that being full just makes me sluggish and not want to work. If I get hungry between meals I will just have a snack that takes the edge off so I can get to the next meal where I want to be hungry, so I only eat until I am just not feeling the hunger pangs which does not take much food. Then lastly at dinner I like to feel more on the full side because I typically wind down and watch the news or something on television before bed. But still I don't want to be uncomfortably full otherwise it interferes with sleep.

Intuitive eating has been working wonderfully for me as opposed to calorie counting, but I would never trust using this method if I ate alot of processed "junk foods". Firstly becasue these foods are very calorie dense and secondly because they are designed to be pleasureable making you automatically want to eat more. For these kinds of foods (which never existed in my regular diet until now and I only ate them when I was bingeing) I take just what is considered a portion (like 1 donut or 1 slice of cake) and try to be satisfied with that.
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