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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
Question for people participating in this thread: Some of you recommend eating when hungry and stopping when full, but what is full? I enjoy the feeling of being nice and full (just short of uncomfortable). If I stop eating when I've JUST reached the "not hungry" stage, it never feels like enough. Any way to deal with this?

When I did make a stab at IE a couple of years ago (and probably didn't try well, as I can see now) this was a major issue for me as well, so I'm interested in others' thoughts.

Like freelancemomma and lin43, I love to feel full. Love it. I'm a calorie counter and save about 50% of my daily calories for dinner. Even then, I choose very "filling" foods - leafy greens, protein, fats - with the old Volumetrics principles.
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