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What a brilliant discussion, I've just read all 10 pages, thanks to SouthernMaven for bringing it to my attention by posting it in another thread.

20ish years of binge eating under my belt, I've been doing intuitive eating for nearly 5 months, and it really agrees with me. I agree it has it's challenges. I can elaborate later, but when I started, I was at "screw it" point, thinking I could never lose weight so it was worth a shot. I ate nothing but old forbidden foods for about a week: donuts (I'm a lover of the donuts!), chocolate, pizza twice a day etc. I must have gained weight, but I wasn't counting. I did feel AWFUL though, heartburn, constantly hungry, UTIs (I've had those once or twice a month as far back as I can remember and now they only come back when I overload on sugar), fatigue, worsened depression, the list goes on... I had to regulate my sugar intake (just by cutting it out of drinks) to be able to even tell when I was really hungry. Clearly there was something metabolically wrong, maybe pre-diabetes, now I guess I'll never know.

After tweaking that, knowing when I was hungry got easier. It became easier to tell what I wanted. Apparently I love oily fish I'm still learning though, I don't have this down by a long shot. I thought I had, but... not so much.

Positives so far are no binges for 5 months, I can tell when I'm hungry, I like a lot healthier foods than I expected, I've lost 20lbs, and I think I could happily make this a part of my life permanently.

Stuff I'm still working on is knowing when I'm full (eating more slowly and noticing when my food doesn't taste as good as it initially did are things I'm experimenting with right now), reinforcing the fact that I don't have to clear my plate (we didn't have many leftovers growing up, my dad would hoover up anything that wasn't nailed down so I became very protective of my food) and learning to stay mindful under stress when so many other things are competing for my attention. That, and general stress reduction.

So, there's my pitch... I'll be following this with interest and look forward to joining in the discussion. This subject can be approached from so many angles as everyone posting has shown. I'm happy to say that I expect I can learn a lot from this, so thank you all for contributing
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