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Lindy- Oh i come back to the office every day and type up what we did so i have it with a description in case i have to stop using him for whatever reason. i can always scan them and email or mail them if u want them all. But we normally start out with 2-5 minutes of warm up on the treadmill he likes no less than 6.5 on speed. Then he will make us do the hard core stuff. Like today was 2 full sets of 3030's. Which is 5 times total of each 30 seconds sprint as fast as u can at the speeds posted above and jump off rest for 30 seconds. When u jump back on for the second 30 seconds you hold on to the bar until you get going then let go. So you dont fall. Then hop off repeat 5 times. Take a 2 min 30 second break and do 5 more. Then if its arm day we will do all kinds of weights..... Rows barbell assisted lift etx. Today he had us do these odd things where you do basically a push up but one handed and the only thing touching the floor is 1 hand and 1 foot. The other hand goes under your chest with a weight and then up to the ceiling. And we always have to do some cardio to keep the heart rate up with the arm exercises. I really have to find the names of the stuff he has us do! Lol he LOVES burpees of all kinds and flutter.kicks and leg lifts. Jumping jacks and jump rope are another favorite. For leg day........he loves the sled and lunges and the dead body drag (his name for the exercise not mine!! Lol but it is basically dragging a boxing bag thing that weighs like 100 + pounds for like 100 yards.) and flipping the bag. And inclining the treadmill as high as it will go 15% i think and walk very fast. Like 3.0 or above. For 10-15 minutes. The last minute. He has us hold onto the bar and run as fast as we can 4.5-5.0 on speed.)

I can go on and on...but dont want to take up half ur screen!!! Sorry if i cant explain atuff very well!!! Feel free to ask any questions ill gladly answer.

Oh he used to like 3030s on the bike (resistance 15) and sprints onbthe bike resistance 15 and get 1/2 mile in under 2 minutes but he says that is for beginners and we are beyond that now! Lol
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