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I have read the entire 10 pages and appreciate the information you all have posted on this topic.

I am not sure were I fit into this spectrum. I am a CC/ calorie cycler and although I have freedom to chose if I want to have a larger calorie day or not and typically don't limit the type of foods I choose I still feel a bit oppressed or obsessed by having to keep count and measure everything. I have lost 80 pounds and have been doing this for a year and a half and still don't seem to eye ball my portions for many things as accurately as I should. 4 oz of steak or chicken ends up to be 6 for example. I was hoping to transition into maintance and practice a bit of IE, but don't trust my intuition to give my self appropriate portion sizes.

Generally speaking I enjoy my plan, but on my lower cal days I feel obsessed with the numbers..... Can't have an apple 'cause that will put me at 1200.....need to stay around 1100 if I want my gourmet pizza on Saturday and still lose my half a pound for the month...... I don't like that feeling of always thinking about numbers.

I feel like a big part of my brain is thinking about all of this and I can't seem to be as creative as I was when I was heavy and not really thinking about what I ate. I am sure I could be creative and be on a health eating plan at the same time but am not sure how to change that mental block. I also fear maintaining..... Like if I stop thinking about it....all the weight will come back on.
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