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Lindy oh my gosh. I had no idea pork was so bad!!! The trainer said lean white meat.....well heck pork is white when its cooked.....honest mistake! lol but yeah fish and chicken are best according to him! That is awesome that you have a formula that figures all of that!

Dance- i love caramel highlights. I say if thats what u want- go for it! Being beautiful takes alot of our time doesnt it? Lol

Wow....what a workout today.... I think i sweated more today than yesterday....maybe that means a bigger loss!! Lol he has us to 3030's on the treadmill (no slower than 9.0 and he prefers 10.0 on the speed) and man i know it burns some serious calories but omg.........i have NO energy after them. And he always makes them the 1st exercise! Lol and he was seriosuly hard core today. If we stopped before he called time...... We started over with another 20 seconds!!!!! He was also yelling if it were easy everyone would have a 6 pack! Believe it or is motivating some people would not like his methods but it works for me! Lol and he started talking about sweet potatoes today.....i was like whoa whoa whoa...........we are allowed sweet pot??????? He was like yea at lunch it is the best carb you can put in your body........i went straight to the store....i did not pass go.....i did not collect 200 dollars.....i went there and bought some (4 enough for the whole week) man......i thought i was in HEAVEN at lunch!!!!!!!! Of course no butter sugar etc....but omg.........that sweet pot was the most amazing morsle of food i have ever had!!!!!! Lol

I hope you ladies have a great day!!!!!
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