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Nessa - oh noooo. Who knew pork was so bad??? I mean, I know they always say fish and chicken but pork would be my "next best thing" to go to instead of red meat. Interesting. Thanks for sharing that bit of info, lol.

Macy - welcome! We have an awesome group of girls. We have stumbled, we have failed, we have been successful, it just takes a good support system to get through it all. What is your game plan?

Dance - duh-duh-duh-duhhhhhh (think weird creepy music, lol) You HAVE to tell us how the swap goes. I wonder if he is going to say anything. Who's idea was this? What is going on the DBF...ha, ya like that?!?! I called him the DBF! :-)

Got in a killer interval run yesterday and today, pretty excited. I ran at a 5 speed on the treadmill and switched to 3.5 for 30 minutes straight. I am also accurately calculating my calories burned by taking my average heart rate and plugging it in to a formua. It seems I burn about 230 in 25 minutes doing that exercise so I like it. The weather is getting warmer here so I will likely start swimming soon. I absolutely LOVE swimming, the only problem in the past is when I swim, I am starving after, like, my stomach hurts because I am so hungry so I have to be careful. When I swim I get a great amount of toning to my body. Friday is quickly approaching, cant wait to post for you girls. I will then lay low again for a while and probably wait another month or so to hop on the scale. But it is only fair I have my ticker accurate.
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