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A1Texan - you are so welcome! Just giving back after all the help everyone here gave me on MY journey You are doing AWESOME!

disgal - The most accurate ways to measure TRUE body fat % are either a water displacement test or a DEXA scan. Calipers are next best, but ask your doc how comfortable they are with the accuracy of reading calipers - the results of a caliper test are only as good as the person's ability to read them. The scales and grip-gadgets that send electromagnetic pulses through your body to measure fat %...well, they are as much science fiction as they sound. Don't get discouraged - how do you FEEL? Are you in a size you are comfortable with? Do you feel like you can maintain your weight at your current activity level? Healthy weight is SO much more than the numbers on a scale.

Ginettepv - I did not go anywhere near the cleanse, even after 29 weeks and 72lbs lost. It's basically made up of herbs that "supposedly" cleanse toxins from your liver (which has no real empirical evidence to back up those claims, if you have a healthy liver and kidneys and drink plenty of water, those organs rid your body of toxins just fine on their own), and a laxative that is made up of prunes, aloe and psyllium. You can get the same colon cleansing effect from plain psyllium husks taken every day - not the psyllium pills, but the husks. If I ran into constipation issues, I used Smooth Move tea, or Miralax.

Gonna Really Try - here's the thing. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast are more consistent with keeping weight off. I had trouble with the size of the breakfasts too, for about the first month. Most people's bodies will adjust. You may be able to reduce volume by making a fruit smoothie and having with some toast and a protein, using milk or almond milk instead of yogurt if that's too heavy for you. You don't want to rely too heavily on protein products/shakes because they are made of processed protein, which is really easy for your body to digest - too much too often can make your digestive system "lazy". It's always better to eat real food as often as possible.

It's been crazy on my end, kids are on school vacation this week and I took the week off from work, so I plan to keep them on the go! Today will be a walk downtown to the Whaling Museum and library, a few errands, and then playing in the backyard before my Zumba class tonight. Maintenance has been a great learning experience, I'm still trying new things and watching how my body reacts, but so far I'm still within a pound of where I finished and feel great!
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