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Originally Posted by M35A2 View Post
If you're basing this off the meter in your Coach's office - DON'T. Those things are highly inaccurate. You need a doctor to do either a float test or caliper pinch test to get a really accurate measurement. The Coach's dohicky is fine for measuring wide ranging trends but not a realistic BF percentage. scale at home has been consistently showing the same readout as the scale at my clinic .
Thanks for the advice....when I see my Doc next month I'll ask for a caliper measurement! I actually received one of those as a free gift when ordering from one of the weight loss sites lol! Hmmmm....wonder where I put that darn thing anyway! Ha!
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Enjoy Disney. Pirate's of the Caribbean was always my favorite (long before the movies).
Thank you!! We enjoy that ride too, tho our 15 yr old with autism won't step foot inside lol (and we're not much for "parental units taking turns") . BUT, we will have a Fairy Godmother who will give us a break.....AND THEN we will RIDE!!!
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