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Default Maintenance & cockiness do not go well together

A few months ago, I posted a thread about how surprised I was that maintenance was "easier than I thought." Well, I jinxed myself because almost immediately afterward, it began to seem hard. All of a sudden, I could not control my eating---not so much binging or anything, but just those "bites, licks, and tastes." Also, I've avoided the scale for a couple of months now (I usually weigh in once a month). Just this week, I noticed that ALL my pants and skirts are getting more snug. So, as of yesterday, I was back in "dieting mode" (which, for me is about 1400 calories per day). I even had the courage to step on the scale this morning, which is something I would not have done in the past when I knew I had gained (I decided to try something different this time since avoidance didn't really work in the past). I was 138, which is only about 3 lbs. above my comfortable weight, but then why are my pants & skirts so snug??? I cannot believe 3 lbs makes such a difference (maybe because I'm short ---5 ft 3?).

Anyway, this getting back to dieting mode has actually been somewhat of a relief for me. I stopped all "negotiating" in my head about food (e.g., Me at night: "I'd like some popcorn. If I eat that, I'll just deduct 200 calories from my total tomorrow" or "I want some extra bread and butter w/ dinner. I'll just cut back tomorrow"). Fourteen hundred calories doesn't leave much room for negotiating.

Anyone here ever become too complacent with maintenance?
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