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Originally Posted by freelancemomma View Post
That makes two of us. I have virtually no attraction to donuts and had none as a child, either. Same goes for French fries, chips, and fast-food pizza. I grew up in a European household with lots of fine foods, and for better or worse that shaped my likes and dislikes. I knew the names of a dozen French cheeses by age 3, and my binges have always been focused on gourmet foods. So binging and disordered eating don't necessarily mean inhaling burgers, fries and donuts.

A few days ago on Jeopardy there was an entire category devoted to French cheeses ---you would have blown that one out of the water, freelance!

Like you, I tend to be somewhat of a foodie. I haven't eaten fast food in years (mainly, though, because I don't eat factory-farmed meat). My problem, though, is that I did not grow up without junk food. We ate fresh, farm-raised veggies and such, but we also had Little Debbie snack cakes. So, unfortunately for me, I have a taste for mostly gourmet foods, but also for pizza, Cheetos, Kettle-cooked chips, Snickers, etc. Not that I eat that type of food frequently and not that it's as tempting as homemade apple pie, but nevertheless, it's still a temptation.
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